MSNA Valpiana, a year together

A year together. The reception centre for unaccompanied foreign minors (MSNA) of Valpiana in the municipality of Massa Marittima turns off its first candle.  

The center, located in Via delle Fonderie, is managed by the social cooperative "Solidarietà e Sviluppo", based in Bagni di Lucca. Its aim is to start a path of inclusion, with the possibility of participating in social and community life in full respect of private life and individual well-being.
Eight beds are available for male minors. The staff of the structure, professional and qualified, has committed itself in this year to adopt any measure suitable to stimulate guests for the development of autonomy and their integration path.

From the first outing with Massa Marittima to the visit to the museum monument of the Torre del Candeliere on the metalliferous hills - with the cooperative Zoe -, up to the educational workshop on the human body, health, hygiene and emotional well-being. A year of activity that saw the children engaged with a little 'healthy sport thanks to the Football ASD Massa Valpiana and the US Olimpic Pallamano.

Then the outings to the sea - to the Bath Tangram Follonica - with the cooperative Il Melograno, the interesting visit to the Museo della Miniera of Massa Marittima, with the cooperative Zoe, and the encounter with the Avis Massa Marittima. The children were also involved in the renovation of the church of Valpiana, they visited the Archaeological Museum of Massa Marittima and Lake Accesa.

Finally the activities in the garden, in the kitchen - together with friends of the parish "Cristo Re", the Halloween and Carnival parties in Massa Marittima, the music workshop with the musician Dario Canal, educational workshops and Italian lessons, the outings and various meetings with the realities of the territory. All seasoned with parties, lunches and dinners.  

"This project - said the president Alessandro Ghionzoli - was born from the desire to expand the offer of services offered by the cooperative "Solidarietà e Sviluppo" also on the territory of Grosseto with the aim of creating futuribility for the reception of migrants and, in particular, to start a process of integration within the network of the "Sistema Centrale - SAI Network" and then the structured and no longer extraordinary reception. The structure for minors of Valpiana is the first step to enter a network whose mission is to provide accurate and adequate answers to minors arriving without any reference in our country".


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